On this page we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning studies in Norway. We encourage you to look through the list before making an inquiry.

Where do I get application forms and where do I send my application?
Application forms should be requested from the individual institution (e.g. fom their website). All applications should also be sent directly to the institutions. Please note that StudyinNorway.no cannot provide application forms, nor can we process your application.
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My subject of interest is [ your subject]. How can I find institutions that offer courses or programmes in this subject?
If you are seeking Masters programmes where the language of instruction is English, you should go to our online catalogue and browse by subject area.
:: Online Masters programmes catalogue
In order to find undergraduate courses where the language of instruction is Norwegian, you should visit the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS).
:: UCAS (search only available in Norwegian)
For undergraduate courses and Ph.D. programmes in English you will have to check with each institution individually.
:: List of institutions

Am I allowed to work as a student in Norway?
Yes, students may be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. Certain restrictions do apply.
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Do I need a visa to study in Norway?
All students who plan to stay in Norway for more than three months will need a Student Residence Permit. Requirements and procedures depend on your current country of residency.
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Do I need a health insurance from my home country?
The regulations concerning health insurance depend on your current country of residency.
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I am from [ your country]. Am I eligible for any special scholarships?
Several scholarships and financial schemes are available for foreign students. Eligibility depends on your current country of residency and level of completed education.
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What are the tuition fees at Norwegian institutions?
Generally, universities and state university colleges do not charge tuition fees. This also applies for foreign students. However, certain programmes/courses may have fees. Private institutions normally do charge tuition fees.
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What are the living expenses in Norway?
Living expenses in Norway are considered to be higher than in many other countries. You should expect to have NOK 8 900,- per month for subsistence. Requirements for subsistence are also determined by regulations concerning the Student Residence Permit.
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