Applied Ecology

The Master in Applied Ecology aims to provide the opportunity for students to:

- Learn to conceive, plan and carry to completion a substantial piece of original research under the supervision of a professional;
- Become familiar with contemporary knowledge and thinking in the field of applied ecology;
- Learn to communicate and participate in discussions on current controversial issues in ecology and the application of the science.

The master programme in applied ecology will focus on the following main topics:

- The ecological effects of human impact in nature;
- The ecological effects of remedial actions;
- Sustainable utilisation of natural resources; and
- Wildlife- and habitat monitoring.

These topics will be taught during lectures, exercises in the field, computer sessions, seminars, collaborative work, presentations by students and discussions through courses.

Application deadline
Formal prerequisites To enter the programme, students are required to confirm the achievement of either:

- A Norwegian bachelor degree, or an education recognized as being equivalent to a Norwegian bachelor degree
- An education recognized as three years of higher education in Norway
- Education approved as equivalent to the above-mentioned degrees according to University law ยง 3-4
Tuition No tuition fees
Degree level
Credits 120
Language of teaching English