Arctic Nature Guide

Safe Guiding in the Arctic, Value-based Guiding and Teaching Arctic Nature and Arctic safety and field leadership are courses taught throughout the whole of the academic year. They are mainly practically oriented, but also includes a theoretical approach. Safe Guiding in the Arctic and Value-based Guiding and Teaching Arctic Nature includes field trips of longer and shorter durations in the varied Arctic nature throughout the year. Arctic safety and field leadership comprises concentrated courses in arctic safety as Polarbear safety, Arctic First aid, sea ice navigation, navigation and communication, using a Zodiac and a snow scooter. Planning risk analysis, HSE, quality assurance and situational leadership.

The History of Svalbard taught during two weeks in the beginning of the second semester. The point of departure of the course is the gradual colonization and exploration of the circumpolar Arctic from pre-historic times until the modern period.

Application deadline December 1st
Formal prerequisites Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English, and relevant practical experience requirements
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level One-year programme
City Svalbard
Credits 60.0
Language of teaching English