Why are some individuals more sexually attractive than others? What mechanisms make living organisms resist bacteria, viruses and parasites? How are seabirds influenced by uncontrolled oil spills? These are some of the questions that biology seeks to answer. In the study programme you will be explained how global climate variations will influence nature, why dinosaurs never really got extinct and why some individuals more sexually attractive than others. You will achieve knowledge about physiology, genomics, scientific methods, biodiversity, chemical mechanisms, as well as ecological and evolutionary processes. About the programme: The teaching language is English. This study programme provides basic knowledge in biological topics including ecology, evolution, biodiversity, genetics as well as basic chemistry, mathematics and statistics. In some courses, the students participate in lab and field activities. The last year of the program is more flexible so that students have an opportunity for some specializing according to their interests. Advanced level elective courses are offered, including bachelor's thesis, 15 weeks of work experience in Norway or abroad, a semester or two abroad at a partner University, or courses at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS). The BSc Biology program qualifies for an MSc in Biosciences.
Application deadline Nordic applicants: April 15
EU applicants: April 1
Non-EU applicants: December 1
Formal prerequisites

Higher education entrance qualification:

1. Documented proficiency in English language

2. Special requirements: Mathematics R1 or Mathematics S1 and S2, plus one of the following subjects: Mathematics (R2), Physics (1 and 2), Chemistry (1 and 2), Biology (1 and 2), Information technology (1 and 2), Geosubjects (1 and 2) Technology and research subjects (1 and 2).

The following A-levels qualifications are considered equivalent to the above mentioned Norwegian qualification requirements:

Mathematics advanced subsidiary level (AS level) plus either: Mathematics advanced level (A -level), Physics advanced level (AS + A-level), Chemistry advanced level (AS + A-level), Biology advanced level (AS + A-level), Computer Science advanced level (AS + A-level), Geosciences advanced level (AS + A-level), Technology and research subjects advanced level (AS + A-level)

An overview of approved qualifications from other countries can be found by following this link:

Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Bachelor, 3 years
City Bodø
Credits 180.0
Language of teaching English