Business - major in Leadership and change

A major in Leadership and Change gives you the skills you need to lead change, innovation, and development efforts in organisations. It has relevance for a broad range of future roles, including those who lead change from below. The major combines an orientation to organisational excellence with psychology, fostering a dual attention to growing business and people at the same time.

This major provides you with a state-of-the-art integration of theory and rigorous research with stimulating cases and practical application. You will gain an up-to-date knowledge base in leadership and change research. This includes both classical themes of the psychology of communication, motivation and influence, as well anew themes in leadership research from practice-based studies, positive organisational scholarship, and design thinking.

Application deadline

Priority application deadline is 1 March.BI offers rolling admission thereafter, based on availability.

Tuition 204000
Degree level Master, 2 years
City BI Norwegian Business School - campus Oslo
Credits 120.0
Language of teaching English