Chemistry - Artic Environmental Forensics

The chemistry studies at NMBU are divided into four main areas:

1 - Natural Product Chemistry - encompasses biologically active compounds in plants, animals and food products.

2 - Analytical Chemistry - includes identification and characterisation of biological and synthetic substances using modern analytical instruments.

3 - Environmental Chemistry - includes investigations of short- and long-term effects of various substances in nature.

4 - Arctic Environmental Forensics. This is a Nordic Master’s programme, registered as a specialisation under the Master’s programme in Chemistry. The specialisation is a cooperation with Örebro University (Sweden) and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

The Master`s degree contains a research thesis, consisting of 60 or 30 credits (ECTS) of practical work in chemistry. The student and supervisor decide together the extent and topic of the thesis at the start of the programme.

In addition to this research thesis, students must take 30 credits (ECTS) worth of courses in chemistry and 30 credits (ECTS) worth of freely chosen courses - a total of 60 credits (ECTS). A minimum of 30 credits (ECTS) must be master level courses, and the courses shall support the master`s thesis research, providing scientific breadth and depth in the chosen scientific area. Each student will have an individual study plan with good progression and development towards the master`s thesis. Courses are chosen in consultation with the supervisor. Basic courses (at the 100 level) are not allowed in this Master`s programme.

Application deadline
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Ås
Credits 120.0