Civil and Structural Engineering, Master's Programme

The study programme is only open for EU/EEA applicants.

A bachelor’s programme alone will not cover all the expertise demanded by the job market. With a master’s degree in Civil and Structural Engineering, you will be better prepared for the needs and changes in the job market. The master's programme has two specializations, Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering. You will be capable of finding new and more environmentally friendly solutions and using new materials to improve the efficiency of building operations, both on land and offshore. Furthermore, the programme provides courses in Civil Engineering with courses such as urban planning, road construction, water and wastewater treatment. There is a demand for graduate Civil and Structural Engineers with this technical background, both from the industry and public administration. Frequent contact with the industry will be a central part of the programme.

What do you learn?

The study program will give graduates high expertise in Civil and Structural Engineering. The program will emphasize knowledge of new materials and solutions. The teaching will reflect the wide range of professions graduates can work within, ranging from traditional construction companies to equipment manufacturing for offshore operations. The program focuses on sustainable development. Candidates shall understand the environmental consequences given by the choice of structural systems and materials, and through conscious planning of systems for the management, operation, and maintenance.

Application deadline
Entry requirements

The academic basis is a completed and passed three-year Bachelor’s programme in Engineering, based on the National Curriculum, within the fields of civil engineering and construction, mechanical engineering or marine construction. Furthermore, the following requirements, which partly go beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum, have to be met:

  • At least 25 credits in relevant mathematics
  • At least 5 credits in statistics
  • At least 7,5 credits in physics

The requirement that there be a relevant basis in mathematics is satisfied through mathematics equivalent to obligatory mathematics and the elective course Mathematics 3 within UiA’s engineering programmes.

Applicants with an equivalent education within technology and science, and who meet the requirements above, may also be admitted to the programme.

For more details see admission requirements on the programme's webpage.

Application period

  • EU/EEA applicants: From 15 January till 1 March.
  • Nordic citizens and applicants with a permanent or renewable residence permit in Norway: From 15 January till 15 April.
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Grimstad
Credits 120.0
Language of teaching English