Computational Engineering, Master's Degree Programme

What can humans do better than machines? What is possible to solve with the help of computers?

These questions are not fully answered yet, and for most practical applications, one has to rely on modeling. This master program will teach you how to develop understanding of complex and uncertain contexts through the use of models. Modeling breaks a complicated, unstructured problem into smaller pieces that can be handled by algorithms and computers.

This workflow has a lot in common with computational thinking. In this study program we use computational thinking actively as a strategy to investigate specific problems, decide on strategies for solving the problems, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen solution, as well as how to communicate the analysis and recommended solution to team members and managers.

Application deadline

Non-EU applicants: December 10 - January 10

EU applicants: February 1 - March 1

Applicants with a Bachelor's degree from Nordic countries: February 1 - April 15

Formal prerequisites

A Bachelor's degree in engineering or equivalent is required.

The degree must include at least 10 ECTS in informatics/computer sciences/an introductory course for engineers including programming.

All applicants must have at least 30 ECTS credits in mathematics/statistics/calculus.

Proficiency in English on an advanced level is required and must be documented. For more information, please visit the programme's website.

Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Stavanger
Credits 120.0
Language of teaching English