The French Master´s programme aims to give a high level of knowledge in French language and French literature while providing great competence in oral and written use of modern French. The Master´s programme also aims to develop a critical and independent attitude to problems and methods within the scientific disciplines in the subject.   The French Master's programme (120 credits) contains five courses: FRA3100/ French Literary and Linguistic Theory: Text Studies and Project Planning (NTNU) FRAN307/ Linguistic Seminar (15 credits) FRAN308/ Literary Seminar (15 credits) FRAN309/ Grammar and translation/theory of translation (15 credits) FRAN311/ Grammar and Literature (15 credits) FRAN350/ Master's thesis in French (60 credits) The courses can be divided into three parts: - one basic part of 30 credits (FRA3100 and FRAN309 or FRAN311) - one specialization of 30 credits (FRAN307 and FRAN308) - The Master´s thesis of 60 credits (FRAN350) The two courses in the specialization can be either linguistic or literary in content.
Application deadline

Applicants from EU/EEA/EFTA: 1 March

Applicants from outside of the EU/EEA/EFTA: 1 December

Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Bergen
Credits 120.0