Graduate studies in Music Production and Recording

The Music Production and Recording programme provides a viable alternative to a professional internship for students of music and sound. A hands-on experience is guaranteed, as practical exercises are emphasized. The programme includes cooperative projects with the local concert house and regional music events. The programme provides students with different backgrounds a combination of musical and technical study and experience, enabling the production and recording of various musical styles. The Elements of the study can be modified in order to allow for specialization based on the student's individual experience and interests The programme develops the musical and technical skills required by the music recording professionals. It also includes a review of relevant music and engineering topics, music recording and production techniques, studio and musical acoustics, critical listening and interpretation, in addition to practical work. Students often work closely with productions in the Stavanger Concert Hall. Facilities include a blackbox auditorium, concert recital hall, church simulator, editing studio and control rooms. Students are required to complete a variety of live and studio productions.
Application deadline January 1
Formal prerequisites A bachelor's degree in music, audio engineering, or other relevant field. Post-masters students are welcome to apply. Applicants with practical education and experience equivalent to a bachelor's degree may be admitted after individual evaluation. In addition to the formal entrance requirements, students must document their music and sound experience.
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Lower level
City Stavanger
Credits 60.0