International Relations

International relations deepens the understanding of the political nature of why and how bilateral and multilateral institutions promote certain development policies spatially and temporally.

The programme gives a theoretical understanding of international interaction and relevant fields such as environment, development and poverty.

The programme aims to increase the practical understanding of international interaction through placement schemes both in organizations and other universities, particularly universities abroad.

The first year consists of course work covering natural and social issues, research methodology plus elective subjects. Students may do their research in any parts of the world.

Students will write their thesis in the final spring semester at NMBU

Application deadline Nordic applicants: April 15
EU applicants: April 15
Non EU-applicants: December 1
Formal prerequisites A Bachelor's degree or equivalent education in a relevant field is required for admission.Depending on your planned specialization, your background may be from political science, environmental sciences, ecology, resource management, geography, economics, or social science.Applicants must meet the university's requirement for English language proficiency
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City ├ůs
Credits 120.0