Master's Programme in Chemistry


The goal of the study is to give the candidate theoretical and practical knowledge in chemistry on a high level, with a special focus on a chosen field of chemistry. Based on this knowledge the candidate should be able to conduct a Master's degree research project in one of the research groups in the department.

The candidate should be able to apply established knowledge, but also be able to participate in the further development of chemistry.

A candidate that completes a Master's programme in chemistry will have experience in presenting results and theories orally and in writing and be trained in finding and evaluating relevant scientific literature.


The research areas one can choose between for a Master's project cover the whole breadth of the field of chemistry, from theoretical to experimental work. The department has state-of-the art instruments, which ensure that the experimental work will be of high quality (e.g. NMR, UV-, IR-, NIR- and Raman-spectroscopy, MS and x-ray crystallography). The combination of subjects specific to the different research areas will give the candidate a thorough theoretical and practical specialisation that can be applied when conducting the research project in the Master's programme.

Application deadline
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Bergen
Credits 120.0