Master's Programme in Media and Interaction Design

While traditional media distribute information and editorial content that enable enlightened citizens to participate in the public debate, today there is an increasing demand for new technical solutions, user generated content and new forms of audience participation. As a consequence, new qualities that go beyond functionality are associated to products, applications and systems: They should appeal to the user's emotions and experiences, and should be directed to a range of audience groups.

The Master's Programme in media and interaction design concerns the design and development of new technological solutions for media use and media production. Stressing user-centered perspectives on how media users interact with media content and media technology, as well as how media professionals interact with the technology and tools that support their work practices, the master's program in media and interaction design provides the students with an industry-oriented education that enables them to understand and evaluate the user experiences of media users and professionals, and to develop efficient and engaging solutions between media and users.

Students will have the opportunity to explore established as well as innovative media technologies and genres, and will gain experience with different design methods relating to new media. The master’s program is an interdisciplinary education based on approaches from human-computer interaction (HCI), user experience and audience studies, and media design. The program provides the students with applied, analytical, methodological and theoretical skills in interaction design for digital media.

The Master's Programme in Media and Interaction Design offers students a theoretical and methodically anchored university education that stresses problem-based learning through workshops, technical training, collaborative work, independent studies and academic reflection. Additional specialization happens through individual and collaborative work connected to the master project. The master project includes practical work, such as the development of a prototype, a production, content production, or a user study, which is academically evaluated through an individually written master thesis.

Application deadline

Applicants from EU/EEA/EFTA: 1 March

Applicants from outside of the EU/EEA/EFTA: 1 December

Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Bergen
Credits 120.0
Language of teaching English