Materials Science and Engineering

Do you want to understand and help develop the materials that surround us? Materials are important - they are part of most constructions and products and help save lives, create jobs and save the environment.

Why are materials so important? Materials provide everything from the shoes we wear to the house we live in to the energy we use for keeping warm. Materials technology is multidisciplinary and covers everything from the production of aluminum, steel and silicon - to the development of new materials.

Today, materials technologists face exciting challenges such as environmentally friendly metal production and recycling, advanced material use in the oil and gas operations in the North Sea and the North, as well as the development of new materials based on nanotechnology for environmentally friendly and efficient utilization of our national energy resources. Materials technology is the study for those who are curious about why different materials are used for different purposes, how they are made and assembled and how they can be developed and improved. The study provides expertise in areas that are important to Norway as an industrial nation, both today and in the future. As a material technology student, you will benefit from this expertise and receive an education that is both relevant and career-enhancing in a later job situation.

Application deadline
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Trondheim
Credits 120.0
Language of teaching English