Music Performance (Master’s programme)

The Master’s Degree Programme in Music Performance aims to give students a solid foundation for developing a personal artistic expression. The programme strongly emphasizes music performance as such and aims to give each student the highest possible instrumental level. In addition to develop artistic and musical aspect, the programme is designed to educate independent and reflected musicians, with a passion for the art.

Specialization in the main instrument or main subject makes up more than half of the study, with 75 credits and three master concerts. Building a repertoire on the principal instrument is a central part of your artistic project. In addition, there are four compulsory courses of a total of 30 credits and electives of 15 credits.

Our students can focus on individual music performance, or they can choose to combine performance with academic research. Jazz students may choose the European Jazz Master (EUJAM), an exchange programme offered in cooperation with the music conservatories in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen.

Application deadline
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Trondheim
Credits 120.0