Neuroscience (Master's Programme)

Are you wondering how thoughts and emotions arise from the nerve cells in the brain? Do you want to use a wide range of methods from the natural sciences to investigate how the brain works, and what goes wrong when disease occurs? If so, NTNU's interdisciplinary MSc in Neuroscience is the right choice for you.

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary research field, integrating concepts and tools from biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics and psychology. Neuroscientific problems and hypotheses are explored in different research groups at the NTNU that work with humans, animal models, biochemical systems, or which use computational and theoretical approaches. This is reflected in the wide range of available elective courses and master's thesis projects.

Application deadline
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Trondheim
Credits 120.0
Language of teaching English