Photonics is considered an ongoing development of advanced light sources and detectors that will continue to be vital for Europe in the future. Innovation in photonics will contribute to solve societal challenges and create sustainable economies.

Autumn 2022 NMBU, as the first university in Norway, offers a Master’s programme in Photonics. The Master’s program extends over two years, and provides a solid fundament in physics, mathematics, computer science and sensor technology.

Throughout the study programme, the student will:

• get theoretical and practical knowledge about the physics of light, optics and optical systems

• get theoretical and practical knowledge about light sources, waveguides and sensors

• develop skills in evaluation and analysis of optical sensor data

• learn computational methods in photonics

• learn techniques in hyperspectral imaging and spectroscopy

• learn application of photonics in areas such as solar cells, biophotonics and robotics

• learn to apply photonic devices for real-world problems by project work and master thesis that are integrated in research and industry applications

• develop skills to contribute to new thinking and innovation processes

This Master's programme provides a solid background in natural sciences, with a sought-after expertise in photonics. In Norway, we have a well-established photonics industry that is constantly looking for good candidates, and expertise in the field is in demand. As a graduate, you can apply for a job at for example:


• Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt (FFI)

• Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace (KDA)

Application deadline
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Ås
Credits 120.0