Product Design

The knowledge, skills and general competence that you develop through this study programme prepare you for working life as a design professional in a wide variety of positions. Many graduates establish their own business, and the study programme also acts as a stepping-stone to further studies at PhD level.

The programme focuses on empowering students by combining theoretical and practical knowledge. Through learning activities, students acquire skills to make the choices necessary for the creation of high-quality products.

An essential component of the programme is sustainable development, and the subject areas covered include design methodology, strategic design, product and material communication, market analysis and innovation. Practical training is an important part of the study programme.

Application deadline 1 March for applicants from the European Union / European Economic Area (EU/EEA) and Switzerland. Applications accepted from 1 January. 15 December for applicants from the rest of the world. Applications accepted from 15 October.
Formal prerequisites A bachelor’s degree or equivalent including in-depth study of subjects, topics or topic groups equivalent to at least 80 ECTS credits within the field of design. Average grade no lower than C according to the ECTS grading scale.

A portfolio consisting of products and documentation, which demonstrates skills of visualisation and form development in a creative design process, the ability to define and analyse a design problem, general competence in using design methodology and design thinking, and the ability to demonstrate different holistic design solutions to a problem.

A letter of motivation.

Proof of English proficiency is also required.
Tuition No tuition fees
Degree level Master
City Kjeller, Akershus
Credits 120
Language of teaching English