Religion in Contemporary Society

Master in Religion in Contemporary Society provides advanced knowledge of the interplay between religions as cultural and historical phenomena and contemporary societal processes. The programme is interdisciplinary, with an emphasis on social science perspectives.

As a student, you will meet questions such as:

- How and why does religion mobilize in political conflicts today?

- What is “religion”? Is it a useful term?

- How are global changes expressed in local religious practices?

- What is the best way to understand those who feel as if they belong to religious traditions they neither believe in, nor are active in?

Students on this programme will acquire tools to understand and interpret relevant social processes and challenges that shape, and are shaped by, religious traditions and practices. The programme provides both analytical skills and practical skills to study and discuss religion using social scientific methods.

Application deadline Nordic applicants: June 1st
EU applicants: June 1st
Non EU-applicants: February 1st
Formal prerequisites See the programme website for information about formal prerequisites.
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Oslo
Credits 120.0