Thelogy and Religious Studies

Would you like a thorough knowledge of theological issues and learn to work independently with theological subjects in an academic context? The study programme has two academic traditions. First, the historical study of the Bible and the Christian tradition, combined with a contextual approach towards how religious faith and practices are lived out locally and globally today. Second, religious studies, which broadens its scope also towards other religious traditions and other religious texts. Common for the approaches is a methodological interest for the study of texts and contexts, the interest for religious encounters, and a focus on contextual and lived religion. The programme has three specializations: •Master of theology and religious studies, specialization in theology •Master of theology and religious studies, specialization in religious studies •Master of theology and religious studies, specialization in Bible translation
Application deadline February 1. for International students outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland. Students within the EU and Norwegian residents can apply from February 1 until April 1.
Formal prerequisites See admission requirements and general requirements on the programme site.
Tuition No
Degree level Master, 2 years
City Stavanger
Credits 120.0