Theology, Religion and Society

The Bachelor in Theology, Religion and Society (BTRS) programme equips students to understand, reflect on and engage with theological, religious and social issues in the contemporary world. Our aim is to give you a solid understanding of the Christian theological tradition and how it is used to make sense of the world today, to develop your knowledge of religious and social phenomena in the world, and to encourage the exploration of the relationship between theology, religion and society at the academic level.

BTRS is designed to give you a strong foundation of knowledge in Christian theology and tradition. Building upon this foundation, you will be offered courses in religious studies and the social sciences, designed to widen your understanding of the way academics work with topics related to religion. Upper-level courses combine different aspects of these three core disciplines and offer you a variety of themes and perspectives on how religion and theology function in society. During the course of the programme you will be challenged to reflect on your own beliefs and convictions, assess and evaluate historical and contemporary issues, and develop your own opinions on a wide range of topics.

Application deadline Nordic applicants: June 1st
EU applicants: June 1st
Non EU-applicants: February 1st
Formal prerequisites See the admission website for information admission:
Tuition No tuition fee
Degree level Bachelor, 3 years
City Oslo
Credits 180.0