• CONTEST: #erasmusinnorway


    What is Erasmus+ to you?  Share an Erasmus+ memory by posting a photo/video from your time as an Erasmus-student in Norway on Instagram using #erasmusinnorway. You can win a travel gift certificate worth NOK 3,000. And it doesn't stop at that, every week two lucky winners will receive gorgeous Norwegian chocolate and Study in Norway gadgets. 

  • Working the balance


    By boosting gender equality, the Nordic countries have moved from poverty to prosperity. Affordable childcare, education and parental leave for both mothers and fathers have increased well-being and economic growth.

  • Norwegian culture makes Polish people see red, white and blue


    Music, literature and TV inspire young Polish people to learn Norwegian. In the Polish capital of Warsaw you can now obtain a bachelor’s degree for the first time.

  • Eduardos' video is taking him to Norway


    Brazilian student Eduardo Polloni Silva won a five day trip to Norway, by submitting a video to the contest #whystudyinnorway.

  • 'Norway surprised me'


    ‘Norway surprised me. The quality of life is good, and the landscape is astonishing’

  • Norwegian Society


    Among other things, Norwegians are known for their love of the outdoors and sports, gender equality and what they like to call ‘their personal space’. Here are some real experiences on Norwegian society, made by international students.

  • Happy students


    Norway is on top in a recent student satisfaction award: The students emphasize the high level of education, open and knowledgeable lecturers, a great student community and beautiful nature as important features of their studies in Norway.

  • CONTEST: #Why study in Norway


    Study in Norway is delighted to invite Brazilian students to take part in our contest Why Study in Norway, and explore themes relating to expectations to and outcomes of studies in Norway. 

  • Involving students in science


    'Student exchanges and research should go hand in hand because the one boosts the quality of the other.  In our experience, students lift international research collaboration to a higher level.'

  • A global student voice


    The Norwegian Students’ Union (NSO) and the European Students’ Union (ESU) have taken initiative to and adopted “The Bergen Declaration”. The aim is to build a student network that can develop into a global movement.

  • Cheaper solar panels


    In a cellar at Complutense University of Madrid, Miguel García Tecedor and Felix del Prado Hurtado are studying a series of microscope images of nanomaterials.

  • Nature kindergartens inspire students


    Chinese students are taking their practical training through an international project about early childhood education, and have spent a semester in Norway.

  • The quota scheme to be discontinued


    It has now been decided that the quota scheme will be phased out. A new 
    inter-institutional cooperation programme will partly replace the scheme.

  • Major changes in the higher education sector in Norway


    Many university colleges and universities have merged with effect from 1 January 2016. The objective of these structural changes is to improve quality in higher education and research.