Eduardos' video is taking him to Norway

Brazilian student Eduardo Polloni Silva won a five day trip to Norway, by submitting a video to the contest #whystudyinnorway.

This fall Study in Norway invited Brazilian students to take part in our contest #whystudyinnorway. We asked the students to explore themes relating to expectations to and outcomes of studies in Norway, by submitting a photo, a video or a text.

Eduardo Pollini flag

Eduardo Polloni Silva submitted a video where he explains why you should study in Norway based on his experiences from being an exchange student in Norway.  He studies production engineering at Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados – UFGD and spent one year at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

NTNU winter

‘I think studying abroad demonstrate one's courage, ambition, and intelligence. Besides, Norway was an adventure that changed my life.’

With his video, Eduardo won, and will be able to go back to Norway for five days. During his trip he will also have the opportunity to visit a University or College, and meet students at this institution.

 ‘I can't believe I won! I'm very excited!’


See Eduardo’s video here.