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  • Interview photo of Alex Hoyt
    Alex Hoyt, United States of America

    At home, I heard legends of the glorious quality of living and social equality in the lands of the frigid north. While it is not as frigid as I expected, I can certainly see how Norway consistently rates as one of the best countries in the world to live.

  • Interview photo of Amanda Tzu Wei
    Amanda Tzu Wei, Taiwan

    "Students here are very future oriented".

  • Interview photo of Anju Mehta
    Anju Mehta, Japan

    "Both Norwegians and Japanese are polite and a bit shy, and very friendly when you start talking to them."

  • Interview photo of Arnaud Lefrançois
    Arnaud Lefrançois, France

    The professors are open-minded and ask for our opinion in order to know how they should teach their courses.

  • Interview photo of Ayano Koike
    Ayano Koike, Japan

    "Hopefully this will lead to a job within importing and promoting Scandinavian art and design in Japan."

  • Interview photo of Aynie Ismail
    Aynie Ismail, United Kingdom

    I love how you combine the city-life with nature.

  • Interview photo of Bastian Funke
    Bastian Funke, Germany

    "The professors in Norway were a lot more interested in the success of their students than I am used to."

  • Interview photo of Beatriz Sanz Sebastian
    Beatriz Sanz Sebastian, Spain

    "The scenery was impressive"

  • Interview photo of Ben Whitaker
    Ben Whitaker, South Africa

    – Everyone talked about this huge culture shock, but I never got it.

  • Interview photo of Betty Blischke
    Betty Blischke, Germany

    "I was surprised by the big modern library, and by the free access to the internet and to computers in every building."

  • Interview photo of Brenda Garcia
    Brenda Garcia , Mexico

    "I think the Norwegian model is a good model to follow!"

  • Interview photo of Brigitte Hassold
    Brigitte Hassold, Germany

    I study Geography, so I felt quite drawn to Norway because of its glaciers, fjords, mountains and long coastline.

  • Interview photo of Carrie Anderson
    Carrie Anderson, Canada

    “People in Bergen and staff at the university were always friendly and helpful.”

  • Interview photo of Cecilie Rindom Kristensen
    Cecilie Rindom Kristensen, Denmark

    "You can bring home what you’ve learned and use it in the future."

  • Interview photo of Chloé Bourhis
    Chloé Bourhis , France

    “Everything is so modern and up to date. Norway is perfect.”

  • Interview photo of Christian Knoblauch
    Christian Knoblauch, Germany

    "I can only say: sleep is for the weak! If you spend only 1 semester abroad, and there is so much offered by the university and the country, you need to make the most of it and try to do as much as possible in the short time that you spend abroad."

  • Interview photo of Christina Östring
    Christina Östring, Finland

    "Student life in Norway is quite exciting."

  • Interview photo of Daniel Levin
    Daniel Levin , Australia

    "Don’t waste opportunities; seize the moment!"

  • Interview photo of Desalegn Keba Dheressa
    Desalegn Keba Dheressa, Ethiopia

    Norway is a nice place to study. The peaceful learning environment and security is very attractive

  • Interview photo of Edwin Wuadom Warden Woode
    Edwin Wuadom Warden Woode , Ghana

    “Student life in Norway is simply worth experiencing. Facilities, fun, respect and wonderful sites make studies interesting.”

  • Interview photo of Ekaterina Rodionova
    Ekaterina Rodionova, Russian Federation

    "Students here are able to take courses outside of their main profile, which helps them to satisfy their curiosity!"

  • Interview photo of Elisa Untermann
    Elisa Untermann, Germany

    NHH is a very good university with an active student life.

  • Interview photo of Eric Kimathi
    Eric Kimathi, Kenya

    "My professional status has improved!"

  • Interview photo of Erik-Robert Kovacs
    Erik-Robert Kovacs, Romania

    «Studying in Norway was a life-changing experience»

  • Interview photo of Eva-Maria Steinhauser
    Eva-Maria Steinhauser, Germany

    Norway has great nature!

  • Interview photo of Evaldo Junior
    Evaldo Junior, Brazil

    Norway gave me the best days of my life! Thousands of kilometres away from my country, I still felt at home.

  • Interview photo of Fereshteh  Toubaei
    Fereshteh Toubaei , Iran, Islamic Republic of

    “Modern facilities help students learn better"

  • Interview photo of Flavie Pepion
    Flavie Pepion, France

    If you have the opportunity to study in Norway, don't question yourself, just go!

  • Interview photo of Florian Louis
    Florian Louis, France

    "I wanted to discover Norway for its high level of education and welfare."

  • Interview photo of Friederike Volk
    Friederike Volk, Germany

    "My very nice student colleagues made the stay extraordinary."

  • Interview photo of Gaëlle Rey-Bellet
    Gaëlle Rey-Bellet, Switzerland

    Not once did I regret my choice to come to study in Norway.

  • Interview photo of Gagan Chhabra
    Gagan Chhabra , India

    “Norway has welcomed me, I feel privileged and honoured.”

  • Interview photo of Gero Richard Böthig
    Gero Richard Böthig, Germany

    “In my spare time, I spent a lot more time outdoors than in Germany because there was so much to see. I went hiking every weekend."

  • Interview photo of Godriver Sinda
    Godriver Sinda, Tanzania, United Republic of

    Remember to have fun!

  • Interview photo of Graham C. Taylor
    Graham C. Taylor, Canada

    In terms of academic benefits, I have gained a new appreciation to self-guided study. The opportunity to prove to oneself and keep you accountable to your own desires of studying is a breath of fresh air.

  • Interview photo of Hallie Exall
    Hallie Exall, United States of America

    The small size of the university was beneficial for small classes and a different teaching experience.

  • Interview photo of Helen H
    Helen H, China

    Education here involves more critical thinking, not just a right or wrong answer.

  • Interview photo of Herda Akshija
    Herda Akshija, Albania

    I fell in love with the nature during my first visit here.

  • Interview photo of Ivan Moroz Ferreira
    Ivan Moroz Ferreira , Brazil

    “Norwegian people are really helpful with international students; they do their best to help people from abroad. "

  • Interview photo of James Pearlman
    James Pearlman, Australia

    I wanted to experience a climate completely different (almost literally the opposite of Australia!), learn a new language, become immersed in a new culture and breathe in the spectacular landscapes that Norway is so renowned for.

  • Interview photo of Jana Glocker
    Jana Glocker, Germany

    "My decision to study abroad was spontaneous."

  • Interview photo of Jane Schubert
    Jane Schubert , Germany

    “I felt very accepted by the Norwegians and the Erasmus community. The fact that everyone speaks English makes it very easy to communicate and feel accepted"

  • Interview photo of Jiawei Li
    Jiawei Li, China

    "Particularly, there is one friend, we talk everyday even now that I am back in China. When I look back now, studying in Norway was very mind-changing for me."

  • Interview photo of Jiemeng Zhou
    Jiemeng Zhou, China

    “There is a very open academic atmosphere. If you have questions, you can contact professors through emails and arrange a meeting."

  • Interview photo of Julia Andrei
    Julia Andrei , Spain

    "Norwegians are not as “cold” as the stereotype suggests!"

  • Interview photo of Julia Eggert
    Julia Eggert, Germany

    “Norway is very calm and people are not as stressed as they are back home”

  • Interview photo of Kiki Meyer
    Kiki Meyer, Netherlands

    'I know that I always will look back at the time I had here with a smile on my face.'

  • Interview photo of Larisa
    Larisa, Russian Federation

    Students in Norway are very independent.

  • Interview photo of Laurens Meijer
    Laurens Meijer, Netherlands

    "I was surprised to see how outdoor life and sports are so important to Norwegians."

  • Interview photo of Lindsay Ringer
    Lindsay Ringer , United States of America

    The science and development studies courses offered at UMB looked interesting to me. I talked to one of my professors who had studied in Norway and he convinced me to come.

  • Interview photo of Loveness Nelson Maganda
    Loveness Nelson Maganda, Tanzania, United Republic of

    I have learned that social work is not about sitting in the office, rather it's all about outreach and reality.

  • Interview photo of Luka Vleugels
    Luka Vleugels, Belgium

    "Do as much as possible!"

  • Interview photo of Maral Yaghoobi Nezhad
    Maral Yaghoobi Nezhad, Iran, Islamic Republic of

    "Norway is multinational, and people are well integrated."

  • Interview photo of Marcela Reggiani
    Marcela Reggiani, Brazil

    The education is free, unlike most of the European countries, and it is offered in English.

  • Interview photo of Marcela Silva Oliveira
    Marcela Silva Oliveira, Brazil

    “I plan to apply for jobs and stay in Norway a bit more after my studies are finished. I want to make more of my Norwegian experience than the student life."

  • Interview photo of Marco Schlenker
    Marco Schlenker, Germany

    "In my opinion the study system in Norway is optimal for international students. The Academic Support and the University-wide student mentoring system are a great help. These factors make sure you are prepared for the final exams."

  • Interview photo of Marianna Khodabandehlou
    Marianna Khodabandehlou, Greece

    "You should choose to go to Norway"!

  • Interview photo of Mario Ortega Cela
    Mario Ortega Cela, Spain

    In general the people is great. Before I came everybody kept telling me that Norwegians are cold, but everybody is so nice and helpful. I don’t have any complaints.

  • Interview photo of Mary Edward
    Mary Edward, Ghana

    "Studying in Norway has introduced me to more practical sessions than l had in my home country.”

  • Interview photo of Mengling Xu
    Mengling Xu, China

    "The main reasons for choosing Norway were the safe living environment and nice nature."

  • Interview photo of Meredith Gillin
    Meredith Gillin , Canada

    “You expand your mind and you learn new things about yourself and other cultures.”

  • Interview photo of Michael Pietzsch
    Michael Pietzsch , Germany

    “Together with friends I travelled to Tromsø where we saw the Northern Lights and went dog sledging. Awesome experience!”

  • Interview photo of Michaela Richter
    Michaela Richter, Germany

    You spend much less time sitting in lectures and have to read lot more on your own. This was a new experience for me, but I really like this system.

  • Interview photo of Mikhail Kosmynin
    Mikhail Kosmynin, Russian Federation

    I knew about high-quality education Norwegian universities offer

  • Interview photo of Mona Anita Olsen
    Mona Anita Olsen, United States of America

    I had fantastic experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom.

  • Interview photo of Muhammad Arif
    Muhammad Arif, Pakistan

    I believe that for intellectual advancement there are certain prerequisites like good quality of life, peace and tolerance in the society and society’s academic ranking. Norway has been consistently performing well on all these parameters, therefore I opted for Norway.

  • Interview photo of Patricia Obee
    Patricia Obee, Canada

    I feel very comfortable culturally and socially in Norway.

  • Interview photo of Paul Erhard
    Paul Erhard, Germany

    "I already have recommended studying in Norway at my home university."

  • Interview photo of Pedro Fernandes Gonçalves
    Pedro Fernandes Gonçalves , Portugal

    “Their friendship is the Viking treasure that I took home from Norway”

  • Interview photo of Pengyu Zhu
    Pengyu Zhu , China

    “I imagined Norway with lovely people, competitive education and beautiful nature. Norway never disappointed me.”

  • Interview photo of Polona Rajar
    Polona Rajar, Slovenia

    "There is a great amount of equality"

  • Interview photo of Rita Rabi
    Rita Rabi, Hungary

    The experience enables me to work with people from different countries and cultures

  • Interview photo of Robert Wiemeyer
    Robert Wiemeyer, Germany

    You just go out fishing, no licence needed.

  • Interview photo of Rodrigo dos Santos Lara
    Rodrigo dos Santos Lara, Brazil

    "I worked as Vice-President of Erasmus Student Network Molde and this completely changed my time there."

  • Interview photo of Roqiah Alalawi
    Roqiah Alalawi, Bahrain

    "Oslo is a very environmental friendly city"

  • Interview photo of Samantha Frace
    Samantha Frace, United States of America

    “Maybe because I had this idea that everything in Norway is great, everything actually was great. It was even better that I expected.”

  • Interview photo of Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith, United Kingdom

    “A favourite personal experience would be when a group of us rented two cars and took a road trip up to Ålesund and the rest of the Western fjord area.”

  • Interview photo of Sara Christopher
    Sara Christopher, Canada

    “The best thing about Norway? The people and the beauty of the country.”

  • Interview photo of Sebastian Menze
    Sebastian Menze, Germany

    My programme is unique in its constellation and offers many possibilities to study marine ecology from the biological and physical side. Next to this, the many research institutes settled in Bergen attracted me.

  • Interview photo of Sheng Ye
    Sheng Ye, China

    “Before I came here I thought winter in Norway would be long and really cold, but actually it’s not as cold as in my home town.”

  • Interview photo of Sheylla Lima Souza
    Sheylla Lima Souza, Brazil

    There are excellent universities in Norway, which could help me acquire new academic knowledge within my field (Engineering).

  • Interview photo of Sintija Dzelme
    Sintija Dzelme, Latvia

    “The University of Oslo is very well organized and innovative. As my department was small, it was very easy to reach the staff and discuss all issues concerning my studies."

  • Interview photo of Sophie L
    Sophie L , France

    "If I should characterize the Norwegian academic system, I would use two words: autonomy and investment."

  • Interview photo of Stefana Popa
    Stefana Popa, Romania

    "Oslo didn’t resemble any other capital I knew"

  • Interview photo of Stephanie Zühlke
    Stephanie Zühlke, Germany

    "The main reason for choosing Norway was on the one hand the very good reputation of the Norwegian Health Care System and on the other hand my personal interest in the country, society, culture and language."

  • Interview photo of Tan Chuanxi
    Tan Chuanxi, Singapore

    "Frankly speaking, I expected everyone in Norway to look like the Nordic Vikings."

  • Interview photo of Thole Jedicke
    Thole Jedicke, Germany

    "I actually suggest letting you drift away by the calm life and the friendly Norwegian people."

  • Interview photo of Thomas Carlyle Minetto Vilarinho
    Thomas Carlyle Minetto Vilarinho, Brazil

    The professors are very open and are very accessible. The students here have more autonomy on how they control their study time, as there are less exams and mandatory assignments than in Brazil.

  • Interview photo of Verena Maier
    Verena Maier, Austria

    "I have learned a lot!"

  • Interview photo of Victoria Kolesnikovich
    Victoria Kolesnikovich, Russian Federation

    “Everything here is very safe and the quality of education is great.”

  • Interview photo of Wayne Knain
    Wayne Knain, United States of America

    The final exams are very spread out in Norway

  • Interview photo of Wen Hua
    Wen Hua, China

    I pictured Norway as a beautiful and peaceful country. I was right.

  • Interview photo of Will Burt
    Will Burt, Canada

    As I'm a part of an exchange program Norway was chosen for me, but I chose to come here because the fjords of Norway are something I have always wanted to see.

  • Interview photo of Winfried Hoke
    Winfried Hoke, Austria

    I could choose between Bergen and Oslo. Oslo was picked for me, and I am really glad. Oslo has so much to offer!

  • Interview photo of Xiang Yu
    Xiang Yu, China

    “To make friends with Norwegians, sometimes you need to take initiative.”

  • Interview photo of Ymke Jense
    Ymke Jense, Netherlands

    " In Norway you talk to your teachers like you do to your friends".

  • Interview photo of Zhixian Bao
    Zhixian Bao, China

    "I am currently trying to find job in Norway. I hope I can stay longer in Norway."