Hailing from the busy city of London, Aynie wanted to get out of her big city bubble and slow down a notch. In Norway and at NTNU, she finally found time to relax and enjoy the small things in life.

– What was the main reason you chose Norway for your studies?

I needed to get out of the big city, and have only heard good things about Norway. As for Trondheim, it is more of a melting pot than London in some points because it’s so varied. There are students from all over the world, and the Norwegian charm is really something.

– Has your impression of Norway changed during your stay?

I’ve been in Norway before, but Trondheim is a stand-out for me. I love how you combine the city-life with nature. I wasn’t aware of how catered to students Trondheim as a city is, that’s maybe something NTNU could advertise better on their websites. In my opinion, they merely illustrate how great it is here.

– What are the main differences between Norway and your home country when it comes to a student’s academic, cultural and social life?

In England, everything is much more competitive. Here you sort of figure things out as you go, and you’re able to shape yourself and your career much more freely. I was in between careers at the time I decided to move here, and I find Norway is the best place to do so. You get more elbow space. Socially and culturally, not speaking Norwegian is a slight disadvantage. But if you’re outgoing, it will be a lot easier. I never got the stereotype of “cold Norwegians” - everyone is very friendly.

– In what way do you think your stay here will influence your career opportunities?

As I plan to work in Norway after I finish my studies, my stay here will give me invaluable insight into my field and work opportunities here. NTNU also offer internships during the summer, which is already giving me a sneak peek at what's to come later.

– What is the best part of studying in Norway? What would you recommend for people who are thinking of studying here?

For me it’s having opportunities here that I wouldn’t have back home. I started coming over for the summer internships, and ended up moving here to study full-time. If that isn’t tempting enough, just look at the nature. It is truly beautiful here, and if I ever were to leave I’d miss it a lot. One of my favourite pastimes is going to the supermarket to buy things we don’t have in England - it’s a fun way of getting to know the local cuisine for sure.

15 October 2018