Brenda Garcia is a Law student from Mexico. She is taking a semester in Norway, far away from home. Here you can read more about her student experience.

What motivated you to study abroad?

“Knowing that my chances of getting a good job would increase by studying abroad.”

"In Mexico experience from abroad plays an important role when it comes to job opportunities. It even has an impact on your application to do a Master as many universities will take into account that you have been abroad. For me this was a difficult decision because I am so close to my family. However, I had to think about my future career”.

Why Norway?

“I am interested in Norway because I want to learn more about the public sector in Norway. It is so amazing because the corruption is close to zero, while in Mexico it is really high. I think the Norwegian model is a good model to follow. The things I have seen here; how the government works, the equality and safe society, inspires me. Maye I can apply this knowledge to the public sector in Mexico”.

What is different from your home university?

“Here, the lectures are recorded and uploaded on the internet. In Mexico we don’t have that, you don’t get a second chance to hear or see the lecture if you do not attend class. Also, here your grade is determined on one exam, and this is submitted online. In Mexico they focus more on class participation and attendance, so that is a big transition”.

What was your first impression of Oslo?

“That it was a beautiful city with no garbage in the streets. The whole city is clean, not just some parts. Public transport is really good, with busses and the metro; we don’t have the metro back home. There are info screens that tell you exactly when the next bus will arrive. This is amazing to me”.

What are the main differences between Norway and Mexico when it comes to a student’s cultural life?

“In Norway they do cultural events, but I haven’t really gotten to know the Norwegian culture . I think it is because it is challenging to get to know Norwegians; they are a more shy and reserved than us Mexicans. If you talk to a Mexican they will tell you their whole life. After three minutes you will know them. This doesn’t happen in Norway”.

Do you have an advice to other students who want to go to Norway?

“Save money. And also, stay updated on Facebook groups in Norway. That helped me a lot in gathering information”.

12 December 2017