• Norway has awesome nature!

  • If you like hiking, Norway is a great choice

  • NHH is a very good university with an active student life


What were your main reasons for choosing Norway?

“Norway has awesome nature and is completely different from my hometown Berlin. I wanted to take a break from the busy city life, and Bergen was the perfect choice. Furthermore, I wanted to go somewhere where people have good English skills, since I wanted to improve my own. In that respect, Scandinavia is a good choice.”

Where did you study and why did you choose this institution?

“I went to the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), which is situated in Bergen, Norway’s second largest city. My field of study was business informatics.  NHH is the largest business school in Norway and offers a wide range of courses in business and economics.”

What was your idea about Norway before you arrived?

“I had this notion of Norway as a green country with lots of nature, and this is indeed the case. I found Norwegians to be warm-hearted and open. Still, most Norwegians prefer to stay with other Norwegians and didn't really want to talk to me in English. It was therefore somewhat difficult to get Norwegian friends.”

Compared to your own country, what are the main differences when it comes to student life?

“The main difference is that Norwegian students, or at least the ones at NHH, are very involved in campus life. Every week something is happening on campus. I’ve never seen so much passion about university life before! Many students participate in the organization of these events. In Germany no one really cares about the events that take place at the university.”

What is the most important academic outcome of your time as a student in Norway?

“My favourite course was about men and women on the labour market. I learned a lot about what kind of discrimination the two sexes face. It was very interesting!”

Are there any personal experiences as a student in Norway you would highlight?

“The hiking trips and the life in a student housing have been the best part of my semester in Norway.”

Would you recommend studying in Norway to other students?

“I have already done so. It is however very expensive in comparison to Germany. NHH is a very good university with an active student life. If you like hiking, Norway is a great choice.”

What are you doing now and what are your plans for the future?

“I’m now writing my master thesis. After finishing that I would like to get a job as a consultant or project manager.”

02 November 2015