What are the main reasons for choosing Norway as your study destination?

“As I am studying Norwegian Literature and Linguistics it really wanted to study and live abroad for at least one semester.”

Where did you study and why did you choose this institution?

 “Actually, I didn't actually choose Bergen - meaning I had to name three cities I wanted to study in. My first choice was Trondheim, then Bergen and Stavanger. All of these cities are situated in the south of Norway.”

What was your idea about Norway before you arrived and did you find the impression to be true?

“I was in Norway three years ago, thanks to the funding by the Comenius project, so I knew what to expect - a liberal minded culture, great nature and rather reserved but lovable people.”

 Compared to your country, what are the main differences when it comes to student life in Norway?

 “In contrast with Germany, or rather at the universities in Baden-Württemberg, you have more time to decide whether to take an exam or not. It’s also easier to join a course on a short notice. “

 What is the most important academic outcome of your time as a student in Norway?

 “I wanted to improve my academic English and make it easier to study just about anywhere in the world.”  

 Are there any personal experiences as a student in Norway you would highlight?

 "The university tandem program was great. Thanks to it I found a tandem partner. “

 Would you recommend studying in Norway to other international students?

 “I would. Thanks to the Erasmus program international students are well supported, financially as well as socially. The persons looking after Erasmus students were really helpful. However, having some additional savings always comes in handy in Norway.”

 What are you doing now and what are your plans for the future?

 “I’m still studying and working towards my degree. Later on I hope to use my improved language skills professionally. I also do hope to visit - or maybe even live in – Norway again!”

07 December 2015