• In front of the Royal Palace in Oslo

  • Hiking to the Troll's tongue

  • BI Norwegian Business School

  • Enjoying the Norwegian summer!


Could you tell us the main reasons for choosing Norway as your study destination?

“Norway was ranked second in my university choices for the semester, after Durham University, England. “Only” reaching my second choice is just the best thing that could happen!
Norwegians are known for having a good level of English, and improving the language was my first motivation. Also, Norway is a country I wanted to discover, for its beautiful landscapes, high level of education and welfare

Why did you choose the institution you where at?

“BI Norwegian Business School is welcoming many exchange students, and is based on an American University model. The website is really good and convinced me! A large number of courses were proposed.”

What was your idea about Norway before you arrived?

“To sum up, a natural, preserved, rich (expensive) country, but also a country I didn’t know very well. And to be honest, a very cold country with Vikings, Trolls and tall blond girls everywhere.”

Which are the main differences from your country when it comes to your life as a student?

“The study work is based for a lot on readings, which is different from my Uni in France. The student campus offers absolutely everything you can except to find, or even more. The student life or, more precisely the night life, is open to students over 20. This has been difficulty for me during half of my stay.”

In your opinion, what is the most important academic outcome as an international student in Norway?

“To take my example. After studying in Norway I really improved my level of English and acquired an effective way of studying, based on classes, books and spare time.”

Are there any personal experiences as a foreign student in Norway you would highlight?

“Getting to work in groups with people from various countries was very interesting. An anecdote is that I attended a student talk with the Dalai Lama in Oslo.”

What would you tell students from your country about university life in Norway?

“As I already told my fellow classmates, studying in Norway is a chance and something unique. You get important knowledge, methods, autonomy and respect in every sense of the term.”

What did you miss the most when you where away from your country?

“I would say the very nice Mediterranean weather of southern France and the French “cuisine”!”

In your opinion, what is the most important outcome of being an international student?

“Every student in commerce or anything else should have the opportunity to do an exchange. It opens your mind in an incomparable way. Meeting people from all over the world is very interesting and you can compare your culture on every point.”

What are you doing now?

“I am currently involved in the third year of the Bachelor Euromed Management/Kedge Business School, in Avignon, France.”

What are your future plans?

“I would like to work in fields such as commerce or logistics at an international level. After this semester in Norway, I really think about doing a Master degree abroad, why not in another Scandinavian country… or in Norway again!” 

20 March 2015