• First day at NTNU in Trondheim.

  • Ivan Moroz enjoying Norwegian winter.

  • Sunny and cold days at this nature paradise.

  • Winter in Norway. The experience of a frozen lake!  


Could you tell us the main reasons for choosing Norway as your study destination?

“By going to Norway I had the opportunity to be in touch with advanced technology related with marine studies. The second and not less important reason was the fact that I really like the Scandinavian culture in general. It was really nice to be part of that culture for some months.”

Why did you choose the institution you are at?                                     

“When I was searching for information about the different universities in Norway, NTNU was the one with more possibilities to link my main field of study (Industrial Engineering) and marine technology. In addition, when I saw a picture from Trondheim, I fell in love with that amazing city in the middle of Norway."

What was your idea about Norway before you arrived?

“When I arrived in Norway, I was expecting a really cold place. I'm used to sunny days in my home country, and the idea of live in a place where it snows and so on was a little bit strange at the beginning. To my surprise, I got some really beautiful days in Norway. It was possible to enjoy the summer walking around the city, having some barbecue with friends and even during the winter, I had great times in the snow! I really enjoyed the Norwegian weather.”

Which are the main differences from your country when it comes to your life as a student?

“Student life in Norway is quite similar to student life in my home country. The main difference was the student societies, the opportunity to be in touch with different students, with different ideas, but with the same study background. The opportunity to have a different point of view on the same subject was really nice to me.”

In your opinion, what is the most important academic outcome as an international student in Norway?

“The most important outcome was the opportunity to be in touch with the Norwegian industry. During my stay I went to three different companies and I had the opportunity to see how different it is compared to Brazil. By having classes at Sintef, I was able to see how researchers were applying the academic models to real life”

Are there any personal experiences as a foreign student in Norway you would highlight?

 “Norwegian people are really helpful with international students; they do their best to help people from abroad. I had no problems to do basic activities, like go to the supermarket or anything like that, even without the ability to say a word in Norwegian. There was always someone to offer help.”

What would you tell students from your country about university life in Norway?

 “I will say that Norwegian student life is amazing! They should all try to spend at least one semester in Norway to enjoy the student life and all the support that university gives to improve your knowledge.”

What did you miss the most when you where away from your country?

 “The main thing was my family. When everything is new, the first thing that you want to do is tell the people you know how good it is."

"The second was the food from my home country. Norwegian food is really good, but it is completely different from the one that I was used to. And like everybody knows, mom's food is always the best one!”

In your opinion, what is the most important outcome of being an international student?

 “The most important outcome was the possibility to see things with different eyes. Now I have sufficient knowledge to compare how things works in my country and in another one that is completely different. My mind is now an open mind where there is not just one argument or opinion anymore.”

What are you doing now?

“I'm now finishing my bachelor degree back in my home university, in parallel I got a really nice internship where I'm using part of the knowledge that I got during my stay abroad."

What are your future plans?

“My future plans are to continue studying to have my master’s degree, find a good job and, if I get the option, go live abroad again.”

13 March 2015