What are the main reasons for choosing Norway as your study destination?

In my case, I encountered the opportunity during my first master degree study in Lancaster University in UK. NHH is a prestigious institution and I was qualified to apply. It was a coincident and fortunate for me in a way. When I look back now, studying in Norway was very mind-changing for me.

Where did you study and why did you choose this institution?

I studied in NHH. It is mainly because there is a cooperation between NHH and Lancaster University, so that I have 2 master degrees when I complete the program.

What was your idea about Norway before you arrived and did you find the impression to be true?

Well, I often associated Norway with happiness. This is kind of the impression we have of the Scandinavian countries. After a year in Norway, I don’t think my impression is not precise. I would rather say, Norway is a country where individuals and differences are respected.

Compared to your country, what are the main differences when it comes to student life in Norway?

It quite depends on the specific institution. Depending on my own experience, the main differences are as following points.

The students should be more responsible for themselves. A Norwegian friend of mine once told me that, in Norway, there is a culture that says that the information is available somewhere online and you are responsible to check the information yourselves. My experience in UK and China are quite opposite and I receive emails more often than necessary. However, to justify, there was a technical problem, and I was not on the right notification list of NHH and that explains why I seldom received notifications.

Regarding assignments, there is a preference on specific styles which are different from what I encountered in UK and China. Students need some time to figure it out and flexibility to adjust.

Of course, we have quite different definitions regarding ‘parties’.

The nature view in Norway is beyond fantastic and the environment is transcendent.

The students are competent and intelligent based on my experience.

What is the most important academic outcome of your time as a student in Norway?

For me, I am very happy that I finished my degree and conducted a study that I am very interested in.

Are there any personal experiences as a student in Norway you would highlight?

I made a few Norwegian friends. Particularly, there is one friend, we talk everyday even now that I am back in China.

Would you recommend studying in Norway to students at your home university? Why/why not? 

Yes, I would recommend it though it quite depends on the people.

For the master level, Norwegian education system looks for independent students that are self-motivated and highly competent. The living cost is high though currently students do not really pay the tuition, so it could be justified.

There is another consideration regarding trying to look for a job in Norway after finishing the study. I personally don’t really plan to work in Norway, but recommend those who plan to do so, to make a careful choice of program.

To be honest, after a year in the UK, I hade a rough year in Norway. The contrast was rather strong, but not in a bad way. In Norway I explored more. In all, I am greatful for mye one-year study in Norway.

What are you doing now and what are your plans for the future?

I just came back to China not long ago. I am currently looking for job and looking for a position as a marketing data analyst.

15 October 2015