One of the things Julia appreciates the most is the work-life balance. 

"It is very calm and that people are not as stressed as they are back home", she says.

Why Norway?

“I am addicted to Scandinavia, and I have always wanted to study in Norway. From Germany we had the opportunity to go to Denmark. That is where I finished my bachelor degree and got started on my masters. From there I had the opportunity to choose between several exchange programs to Norway- so I finally got to come here!”

What do you like about the facilities?

"I like the fact that you have access to campus 24 hours a week. It also has an amazing view over the city. The facilities are modern and you have areas to chill out and relax, with table tennis and quitet rooms."

What was your first impression of Oslo and how has it changed?

“My first impression was the beautiful nature and the friendly people. Norwegians are open to a certain degree, , so it was harder than I expected to be integrated in the social life.” However, it got much easier to get in touch with Norwegians, as soon as you try to speak the language! People interacted differently with me when I started speaking Norwegian, and I felt more integrated.”

In your opinion, what is the best aspect with Norwegian education?

“The education system is great; you are treated equally. There is no distance between the professor and the student and you can always ask questions. There are more efforts put into the education system. It is very practical oriented and they foster teamwork.”

In what way do you think your stay here will influence your career opportunities?

“First of all I have gained new and valuable language skills. And I have grown as a person. Surrounded by other people from different cultures and perspective I have gained new perspectives and insights.”

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08 November 2017