What were your main reasons for choosing Norway for your studies?

Well, I was pretty interested in learning basic Norwegian, because I am a big fan of Erlend Loe. I wanted to be able to read his books in the original language! Of course, the amazing nature in Norway was also a good reason to come!

How has your impression changed?

My impression was that Norway is better than I had expected! I made so many friends, had incredible experiences learning the language and culture.

What are the main differences between Norway and your home country when it comes to a student’s academic, cultural and social life?

In my country, students tend to need a supervisor to check their homework, and make sure that they are up to speed with school work. Students in Norway are very independent, and they subscribe to the notion of life-long learning, which is cool!

In what way do you think your stay here will influence your career opportunities?

It gives me the chance to show that I have taken a semester abroad. That, in itself, is already a good line to have in my CV, or in my application for a master degree!

During your time in Norway, what have you appreciated the most? 

The kindness and the loyalty of the professors

What will you miss the most when you leave?

Swimming in the Norwegian sea close to Lofoten!

30 May 2017