With passion for studying

Maral wanted to get a different perspective and widening her insight on how students work and learn in another country. This passion motivated her to study abroad.

"As a city for students Oslo is amazing. I feel really luck to come to Norway."

Student in Norway

“I wanted to experience new things. I was interested in hearing more about how other bio scientist work and study, I also wanted experience other types of lectures, literature, and get the most recent information about my subject.

I am very satisfied with my choice of studying in Norway. It is perfect. Since the first time I came here I felt secure. I can go everywhere, at any time. Public transport is very convenient, and it is easy to go wherever you want. . This is the first thing I bring up when I talk to other people about Oslo..

Eager to help

Oslo is amazing. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to leave. I can’t say anything negative. Some have mentioned how hard it is to learn Norwegian, but I like learning the language. It is rewarding because as soon as you try to speak Norwegian, people are so eager to help you, they encourage you. This motivates me to learn more and to talk to them.

Norway is also multinational, and people are well integrated. They can connect and communicate with each other easily. An important part of that, I think, is that so many speak English. In Norway you can start communicating with people as soon as you arrive.

Valuable experience

In my country it is important to have international experience. When I get back home I will share my experiences so that other people can learn something as well. Not everyone has the possibility to go themselves.”

14 December 2017