What were your main reason(s) for choosing Norway for your studies?

Norway has a good quality of life; the studies are of high quality and the tuition is free.

How has your impression changed since moving to Norway?

I did not expect to see such mesmerizing views! And, the people are extremely health-conscious. 

What are the main differences between Norway and your home country when it comes to a student’s academic, cultural and social life?

The traditions in Norway are so important and respected, even to the younger generations, and that is something beautiful to see. Also, the inherited cultures like Taco Friday are very fun! The different shades and tastes along Norway is something I can compare with Brazil.

The social life in Norway depends a little bit on your own effort. The most effective way to meet Norwegians is engaging in different extra-curricular activities, like sports, some sort of hobby club, and volunteering in the several festivals and student activities in the city (ISFiT, UKA, PSTEREO, StudenterSamfundet, NTNUi groups, amongst others).

In your opinion, what is the best aspect with Norwegian education?

The education is free, unlike in most of the European countries, and it is offered in English.

In what way do you think your stay here will influence your career opportunities?

Norway has know-how in sustainability issues and Sustainable Cities that can be very positive on my future career.

During your time in Norway:

What did you miss the most?

Family and my own language 

What have you appreciated the most?

The Northern Lights 

What will you miss the most when you leave?

The snow and the cold.

27 March 2017