Marianna has been coming to Norway since she was nine years old.

“Since that I have always had the impression of Norway as a perfect place to study and live,” she says.

What motivated you to study abroad?

“After I finished high school it was difficult for me to stay in Greece. There was a lot of tension, both economic and social. Going to another country was a great opportunity to finish my studies and live a better life.”

Why Norway?

"I have been coming here for vacation since I was small. My mom sent me on a plane and to visit my aunt in Norway. When you come from an unstable country like Greece you feel like you need the stability and safety that Norway provides".

How do you like the facilities?

"The medical faculty is a bit withdrawn from the city, but Blindern which is the main campus, is amazing. I took some courses there before I studied medicine. It is magical, it makes you feel like home".

What was your first impression of Oslo?

"That is was cold- that hasn’t changed. The first day I arrived, it was snowing. I hadn’t seen snow since I was 8 years old. I have always liked the idea of a white Christmas, which is still happening in Norway".

How would you describe Oslo as a city for students?

"It is a bit expensive. Besides that Oslo is a very welcoming city. Everyone is friendly and open, and most information is in English".

What are the main differences between Norway and Greece when it comes to a student life?

"In Greece we are more loud and expressive. That is a part of our culture, just like being extremely honest. In Norway people appreciate honesty too, but maybe not to the same degree as we do in Greece".

In your opinion, what is the best aspect with Norwegian education?

"There are so many good things. For me especially it is the quality of the education. In terms of the teachers, the examination quality and the opportunity to answering in a different languages. There is room for improvement, but I appreciate the huge effort that has been put out to make it as international and affordable as possible. The next improvement would be to offer more bachelor degrees in English".

In what way do you think your stay here will influence your career opportunities?

"My language skills are getting better. It has also made me a calmer person; I used to be more stressed out, so that is a huge personal improvement. I can’t wait to see how I will become".

Do you have an advice to other students who want to go to Norway?

"You should choose it"!

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08 November 2017