• Having my picture taken with a Troll 

  • In front of the Christmas tree wearing a Norwegian sweater 

  • In the beautiful sunset 

  • The view from Oslo Opera House 


Could you tell us the main reasons for choosing Norway as your study destination?

“The main reasons were the safe living environment and nice nature. In addition my boyfriend has been studying in Norway and I wanted to stay together with him. And BI offered me a scholarship covering my tuition fees.”

Why did you choose the institution you are at?

“It’s located in the city where my boyfriend lives It’s the capital of Norway and I like living in a big city. BI kindly offered me a scholarship.”

What was your idea about Norway before you arrived?

“I thought of Norway as a country of peace loving, high living standard, safe living environment, extremely cold and long winter, and beautiful nature views.

Which are the main differences from your country when it comes to your life as a student?    

“The difference is that the study life here is of much more pressure (I mean the master degree study in a business school) and students around me almost all have very good study attitudes. Besides, we have many group studies or assignments, which I didn’t usually have in my country.”

In your opinion, what is the most important academic outcome as an international student in Norway?

“I will achieve my master degree and be an expert in finance to some degree. And I practice and speak English pretty well now.”

Are there any personal experiences as a foreign student in Norway you would highlight?

“At first my English was not very good and I could hardly understand what people said. But now I can communicate with people in English freely and I can even speak some Norwegian. The recipe I think is just  not being shy, talking with people actively and continuous practicing. Working hard will definitely pay off at last.”

What would you tell students from your country about university life in Norway?

“Although you may encounter some problems at beginning, keep working hard and stick to your goal and it will pay off. Besides, talk with fellow students from other countries. You may feel comfortable staying with people from your own country, but only by stepping out of your comfort zone and confidently talking to students from other countries can you improve your English and have a global mind.”

What do you miss the most when you are away from your country?

“When I am in Norway, I miss most the cheap price in my home country. Also I miss my families, all kinds of delicious food and the life in which I don’t need to cook by myself.”

In your opinion, what is the most important outcome of being an international student?

“I think the most important outcome of being an international student is studying in an international environment, thinking and talking in a global aspect, and acquiring English skills. I guess speaking English well is one of the important goals for Asian students.”

What are you doing now?

“I am studying my second year of my master degree. And I am trying to find a job now.”

What are your future plans?

“In future I hope I can find a job in Norway or another European country and after some years working abroad I will go back to China. If I cannot find a job here, I will go back to China and begin my career there.”

20 May 2015