• Geirangerfjorden!

  • Molde football stadium and Rika Hotel.

  • The Atlantic Road

  • Romsdalseggen. Amazing 8 hour hike!

  • The view from my room at Molde Campus.

  • Wonderful sunset and successful fishingplace near Molde.


What are the main reasons for choosing Norway as your study destination?

I have heard from friends about the stunning beauty of Norway. Furthermore were requirements lectures in English and the possibility to set my focus on logistics. The partner university in Molde seemed to be perfect for this.

Where do you study and why did you choose this institution?

Molde, because it fitted perfect to my wishes.

What was your idea about Norway before you arrived and did you find the impression to be true?

My idea of Norway was a lot of nature, silence, beauty and that it is very expensive. When I arrived all of this points appeared to be true.

Compared to your country, what are the main differences when it comes to student life in Norway?

In Germany I don't live at a campus. It's completely different when you live next-door to another student. This makes social contacts including parties very easy. Furthermore exists a student pub in Molde where a lot of parties take place. We don't have this in Germany.

What is the most important academic outcome of your time as a student in Norway?

There are many important outcomes. But if I have to name the most important I would say the improving of my English.

Are there any personal experiences as a student in Norway you would highlight?

Germans are going crazy to see a moose. I made a road trip by car to Molde and had an accident with such a huge animal. That’s why I arrived one day later than all the other exchange students. When we had our introducing day I had to stay in front of approx. 100 people in order to tell them the story. That was a quite big challenge because of my bad English at the time.

Would you recommend studying in Norway to students at your home university? Why/why not? 

Yes, I already have recommended studying in Norway at my home university. It depends of what the students' intention is for their semester abroad. If you like to enjoy nature and can manage the high costs, Norway is an unforgettable place to stay.

What are you doing now and what are your plans for the future?

Currently, I'm doing an internship at a sports company in the logistics department. Afterwards I have to write my thesis and then I will visit my friends who I got to know in Molde. For this I have to go to Brazil.

16 October 2015