• Studying in Norway was simply the best choice I could ever make.

  • I worked as Vice-President of Erasmus Student Network Molde.

  • I met people in Erasmus Student Network (ESN) that I will take with me for life.

  • I went to Molde because it has a Specialized University in Logistics.

  • Molde University College


What are the main reasons for choosing Norway as your study destination?

Because Norway is widely known by its quality of life and that was the main reason I chose going there. Another important reason was the natural beauties including fjords and amazing phenomena like the northern lights.

Where do/did you study and why did you choose this institution?

I went to Molde University College in Molde and I chose this institution because it is a Specialized University in Logistics and as I am currently taking Production Engineering, Logistics is one of my major fields of study.

What was your idea about Norway before you arrived and did you find the impression to be true?

I didn’t really have an idea about Norway, I only knew it was a great country to live in and very cold, especially for a Brazilian. And it is absolutely the best place to live, but I didn’t think it was too cold, maybe because I lived near the sea and obviously also because their building structure is built for the cold with an isolation system. 

Compared to your country, what are the main differences when it comes to student life in Norway?

In Norway, I found a better university infrastructure, professors that are more qualified and encouragement to self-study instead of depending everything on the professors.

What is the most important academic outcome of your time as a student in Norway?

I would say that being able to study in another language. In the beginning, it was a bit hard to manage that everything would be in English, but after some time it became easier. Now I am able to read, write and take exams in English without any difficulties.

Are there any personal experiences as a student in Norway you would highlight?

Yes. I worked as Vice-President of Erasmus Student Network Molde and this completely changed my time there. I was able to take part in many events and helping organizing them and I think the most important part of this job was to make something where I was, getting involved somehow. I met people in this organization that I will take with me for life.

Would you recommend studying in Norway to students at your home university? Why/why not? 

Undoubtedly! Absolutely! Because it was simply the best choice I could ever make.

What are you doing now and what are your plans for the future?

Norway was a dream and now I am back to reality. I came back to my home university to finish my bachelor in Production Engineering. My plans for the future is to go back to Norway and live there because I am completely in love with that country.

15 October 2015