• Roqiah at the event "Why Oslo"

  • The Norwegian brand of chocolate, Freia!

  • At the beautiful port 

  • Norwegian nature


Roqiah is used to the city environment from living in London. She moved to Oslo in search of something a bit different. Among the many things she likes about Norway, healthy food is one of them:
“I think it is great that our university provides healthy dishes. In some universities around the world “junk food” is actually more widely available in university cafeterias”, Roqiah says.

Here Roqiah tells you more about her Norwegian student life:

“I absolutely love travelling . It is a great opportunity for me to explore different cultures and meet new people. What I like about Oslo is that you don’t have to travel far to see the beautiful nature. Before I even landed, I could see from the airplane how beautiful this country is. The nature is absolutely amazing and the people here are very friendly and helpful.

Oslo is also a very environmental friendly city that encourages people to recycle. There are so many things I like about the facilities at the BI campus, one of them being the library. It is open for long hours and there is always someone there if you need help. You can also book “quiet rooms” if you wish to study as a group. This is especially helpful during exam periods. I also like the fact that all the class presentations are available online, and that we have a gym at the university, so we can keep fit while we study. Being a student in Oslo is somewhat different to what I am used to. Of course I have more of a social life in London because that’s the country where I was born and where I grew up, but I must say I have also made a lot of friends here in Oslo.

My class is mostly international so it’s been really interesting to meet people from all over the world. From the very start of the semester, the lecturers have spoken to us about the importance of networking, and they have mentioned that many people have graduated and gotten  good jobs here in Oslo. I think this could influence my career opportunities. If I could give some advice to students who want to go to Norway I would tell them to enjoy every moment of life when you are here. There are so many places to explore.  Also try to learn a few words in Norwegian before arriving; it will help you integrate into the Norwegian society.”

31 October 2017