What motivated you to study abroad?

“I wanted to experience a new culture. Seven years ago, I and my parents did a tour around Scandinavia. I really liked the region, the culture and the minimalism. So I decide to do my masters abroad to gain international experience, and in doing so, hopefully become richer as a person.

“I then studied in Finland, and Oslo was one of the few places I could take a semester abroad due to my specialisation in Higher Education.

How do you like the facilities?

"I love the library in particular. It has three floors and the atmosphere is motivating. Sometimes I spend the whole day studying there. You can go to the cafe and have lunch and get access to public computers. This is really helpful for me since I don’t have my own laptop. They also have comfortable armchairs for you to relax in".

What was your first impression of Oslo?

"I come from Moscow, a big city with about 20 million people. So when I came here I expected it to be more crowded and hectic. I soon realized that even though Oslo is a capital, it is much more relaxed. Studying in the capital at the main university definitely has its advantages when it comes to the quality of the facilities and for example access to fitness clubs at a student friendly prize".

How would you describe Oslo as a city for students?

"Everything here is very safe and the quality of education is great. There are a lot of organisations you can participate in, such as art and political clubs- something that can suit your interests and give you a chance to meet new friends".

What are the main differences between Norway and Russia when it comes to a student life?

"I like the fact that you can study not only your major, but also choose courses from different subject areas, which is impossible in Russia. Furthermore, you are given more opportunities to socialise. In Russia there was no orientation weeks, social gatherings or orientation about the school or the campus".

In what way do you think your stay here will influence your career opportunities?

"I hope that employers will value my international experience and see me as a more intercultural competent person".

Do you have an advice to other students who want to go to Norway?

"I would recommend everyone to go here. It is a great city to live in. You can visit national galleries and museums. You can meet new friends and establish a professional network which might come in handy in the future".

08 November 2017