– Could you tell us the main reasons for choosing Norway as your study destination?

Norway has always fascinated me as a country where awesome, peaceful and protected nature meet a society that I can really relate to, not that way-too-open minded south-west-Europe mentality, but calm and leaving you in peace, but SO friendly and helpful if you look like you would need help.

– Why did you choose the institution you are at?

I could choose between Bergen and Oslo. Oslo was picked for me, and I am really glad. Oslo has so much to offer!

– What was your idea of Norway before you arrived?

Is the prejudice true, that it is hard to make friends there? My main reason to come for an Erasmus exchange was to get to know Norwegian language, culture and people (and yes, it’s definitely harder to make friends here than in other places, but it’s by no means impossible.)

– Which are the main differences from your country when it comes to your life as a student?

In Oslo, everything is well organised, staff members are helpful. The paradigm about reading pensum(curriculum) the whole time is something I am not sure if I like.  And – the living costs.

– In your opinion, what is the most important academic outcome as an international student in Norway?

Norwegian people seem to have an outstanding urge to want to know things. They seem to WANT to know as much as possible, whereas in other countries it’s often studying for the degree’s sake. Personally, I am maybe too stubborn to be as inquisitive as they are, but I do what I can.

– Are there any personal experiences as a foreign student in Norway you would highlight?

Get into an association, get to know locals. Travel, that’s one of the few things which are relatively cheap.

– What would you tell students from your country about university life in Norway?

One lesson I learned from seven years of studying: Don’t panic. Everything is going to be fine. And: Oslo is awesome.

– What did you miss the most when you were away from your country?

Apart from the occasional missing my friends/family thing, nothing at all!

– In your opinion, what is the most important outcome of being an international student?

The way of thinking. You know people and their attitudes, you can grasp more easily bigger concepts, and you learn understand the world a tiny bit better. That’s a good feeling. I think for myself, I want to travel as much as possible before settling down. Another thing: Get out of your comfort zone!

– What are you doing now?

My main study is a natural resources Master in Vienna, so now I will prepare for the final examination.

– What are your future plans?

Travel, get to know the world, have a job and a family.

20 February 2014