Nature, Weather and Climate

The spectacular nature of Norway is diverse, with forest-covered hills in the southeast and sublime fjords and glaciers in the west and the North. Your Study in Norway experience will thus never be a dull one. 


In Northern Norway there is midnight sun in summer; summer is literally one long day and evening that never turns into night. In winter, the sun never rises above the horizon, though the sky is sometimes lit by northern lights.

Norwegians hold nature in high esteem. We love our nature, and are proud of it. Outdoor life is a fundamental part of Norwegian culture: we spend time in the mountains in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In summer we like to hike from cabin to cabin, and in winter we go skiing. Cabin life is, however, not restricted to the mountains; Norwegians also have cabins inland and along the fjords and coastline.

Norwegian nature can be just as wild as it is beautiful. The weather may change quickly in the mountains – from bright sunshine to rain, dense fog and strong winds. It is therefore important to respect nature and be careful. Talk to experienced hikers before setting out – and get to know fjellvettreglene, the Norwegian mountain code. These guidelines help you plan and realise fantastic hikes – and stay safe.


Closeness to nature is important to Norwegians. Most cities are located near popular protected outdoor areas. In most places, an hour’s walk from the city centre is all it takes to reach semi-wilderness. If you study at the University of Oslo, at NTNU in Trondheim or at the University of Tromsø, ski trails are almost directly accessible from campus. And for those based in Bergen, the mountain plateau Vidden is never more than an hour away from the reading room.