How to apply

Please find the procedures of application below.

Step 1

Read the guidelines for the mobility grant closely to check if you are eligible for applying.

Step 2

The applicant must find a tutor in Norway with expertise on the applicant’s topic, and who has agreed to guide you during the fieldwork. Ask the home institution tutor for advice or contact the tutor or the Department at the Norwegian institution directly.

Step 3

Get an invitation letter from the institution in Norway where you the tutor is associated, and where you plan to do your research. The letter of invitation from the Norwegian institution must be attached to the application.

Step 4

Your home institution tutor must write a recommendation of you and your project. Please ask the tutor to use the institution's letterheads and to sign the letter

Step 5

Fill in the application form in our online application system, Espresso. NB! Please read the guidelines for the mobility grant closely before starting the application. Please register in Espresso if your have not previously done so.

The application must provide a detailed description of the project and a justification for why a stay in Norway is necessary. 

The project description is of crucial importance for the assessment of the application. Applications from candidates whom have previously been rejected for grant and who choose to submit a new application must reflect academic progress from the last application.

Step 6

Upload the two attachments to the application: the invitation letter and the recommendation from your home institution tutor. Applications without the two attachments will not be processed. 

 Application deadline is April 1st 2019.

Applications are processed by Diku and the Programme Committee for Norwegian Studies Abroad. Decisions regarding grant will be sent to all applicants by e-mail.