Scholarship for Chinese students and researchers 

The Norwegian-Chinese Government Scholarship shall contribute to establishing and extending the academic and cultural contact between Norwegian and Chinese individuals, and between research and educational institutions.

The main goal of the Norwegian-Chinese Government Scholarship is to contribute to establishing and extending the academic and cultural contact between Norwegian and Chinese individuals, and between research and educational institutions, through the annual exchange of up to 20 students and researchers - 10 to China and 10 to Norway. The scholarship scheme is bilaterally financed from Norwegian and Chinese side.

A total of 10 scholarships will normally be available annually for Chinese scholars and PhD candidates. Each scholarship will cover a stay of 10 months. Diku reserves the right to adjust the Scholarship programme according to the Covid-19 situation. 

How to apply:

The call will be launched on China Scholarship Council’s official webpage annually. The application deadline is 17 February 2021. To be considered for scholarship, all applicants must meet the requirements of both Norwegian and Chinese sides. To apply, please make the following steps:

1) Ensure that you have all the necessary documents available (see below).

2) Go to the application portal on the Council webpage.

3) Follow the application instructions and submit your application by the deadline 17 February 2021.


Mandatory attachments for the application:

  • CV
  • Letter of recommendation from Chinese home institution
  • Letter of invitation from a Norwegian host institution
  • Diku application form “Norwegian Government Scholarships”, filled out
  • CSC application form (with a stamp of consent on it from the applicant’s home institution), filled out
  • List of publications (if applicable)

All documents in the application to Diku must be submitted in English or Scandinavian, in PDF format. If the original language of the record is not English or Scandinavian, an official translation must be attached to the original document. The records in the original language must accompany the translation.


Assessment procedure:

  • The China Scholarship Council assesses the documents required by the Norwegian and Chinese side and nominates candidates for scholarships.
  • Diku assess the applications and the list of nominated candidates.
  • Diku will inform you and CSC about the results of the selection process.
  • If you are awarded with scholarship, the respective higher education institution in Norway and CSC will contact you and instruct you about the further process.


Please contact CSC Project Officer for Norwegian Affairs, email:


What Norwegian institutions can I choose between? 

Candidates may apply for scholarships to all Norwegian accredited Higher Education institutions. There are three categories of institutional accreditation in Norway: Universities, Specialised University Colleges and University Colleges/Universitites of Applied Sciences. Please refer to NOKUT’s overview of accredited institutions. 

Who can apply?

Both PhD-students who are currently enrolled at a Chinese higher education institution and academic staff at Chinese higher education institutions are eligible for grants. All applicants must be Chinese citizens to be eligible for grants. Applicants must fulfill the announced language and educational requirements corresponding to the requirements at your target Norwegian host institution.

What can I study?

The Norwegian-Chinese Government Scholarship programme is available for all subject fields.

What does the grant cover?

  • The scholarship awardee will receive a monthly grant of approximately 21 600 NOK per month from your host institution. Please be aware that you may have to pay tax on this scholarship, so the amount paid out per month may be somewhat reduced.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned scholarship, CSC will provide an additional monthly stipend of 1000 NOK.
  • Accommodation must normally be paid out of the monthly grant.
  • The scholarship awardee will not pay tuition fees (except you may have to pay a semester fee of approximately 600 Norwegian kroner per semester).
  • Travel costs are covered by CSC.
  • Visa costs are not covered by the scholarship.
    • Please note that it is not possible to extend the duration of the grant once the grant has been awarded.
    • The scholarship is granted to Chinese PhD students and researchers for the purpose of studying and research in Norway and cannot fund exchange stays to other countries.