What can I study

The list below presents an overview of the Norwegian higher education institutions participating in the programme in 2014 and the various subject fields they may offer to Science without Borders scholarship holders.  

Undergraduate students

The list below presents an overview of the Norwegian higher education institutions participating in the programme in 2014 and the various subject fields they may offer to Science without Borders scholarship holders at undergraduate level.

Please click on the names of the institutions to go directly to their webpage for more information about the courses they may offer.

University of Oslo

Bachelor courses: Bioscience, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geoscience, Informatics.

Master courses: Bioscience, Mathematics, Physics Chemistry, Statistics, Geosciences, Molecular Bioscience, Informatics, Pharmacy, Nutrition.

Interdisciplinary fields: Renewable Energy, Innovation.

University of Bergen

Bachelor courses: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geoscience, Informatics, Physics and Technology, Statistics.

Master courses: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Molecular Biology,Geoscience, Informatics, Physics and Technology, International health, Biomedicine, Human nutrition.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology Master courses: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Materials Science and Engineering, Computing and Information Technology, Cybernetics, Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Geoscience, Marine Technology.
University of Stavanger Master courses: Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Offshore Technology, Petroleum Geosciences, Biological Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, Computer Science.
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Master courses: Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geosciences, Computing and Information Technology, Sustainable Agricultural Production, Renewable Energy, Biodiversity, Veterinary Medicine.


University of Nordland Bachelor courses: Biology (Aquaculture and Ecology, Ecology and Northern Wildlife)
University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway Bachelor and Master courses: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Physics, Statistics,  Biomedicine,  Public Health, Telemedicine and e-health, Computer Science, International Fisheries Management, Technology and Safety in the High North.
Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Bachelor courses: European Project Semester (engineering/multidisciplinary) 

Master courses: Universal Design of ICT.

Ålesund University College

Bachelor courses: Computer Engineering, Cybernetics Engineering

Master courses: Product and System Design, Ship Design, Simulation and Visualisation.

Gjøvik University College

Bachelor courses:Computer Science (information security, game programming, media technology).

Master courses: Information security, Applied Computer Science, Sustainable Manufacturing.

Buskerud and Vestfold University College

Bachelor courses: Engineering (Electronics, Product Design, Micro and Nano Systems Technology, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Automation). Maritime courses (Management Offshore technology).

Master courses: Maritime Management (Commercial or Technical), Micro and Nano Systems Technology.

PLEASE NOTE: SwB-students can only take courses at campus Vestfold.

Norwegian School of Economics Master courses: Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment.
Molde University College – Specialized University in Logistics Bachelor and Master courses in Logistics.
University of Agder Master courses: Information and Communicatino Technology, Mathematics didactics.

Please note that the University of Oslo, the Norwegian University of Life Science, the University of Agder, the University of Nordland and the University of Tromsø - the Artic University of Norway do not accept TOEFL ITP tests.

To obtain a student visa in Norway, Science without Borders students at Undergraduate level need the additional scholarship for high cost cities (additional EUR 400 per month, in total EUR 1270 per month) Please find the list of approved high cost cities in Norway here.

PhD and postdoc

Norwegian higher education institutions have a range of on-going research projects as well as PhD programmes within fields included in the Science without Borders programme. For updated information, please contact the Norwegian institutions directly.