Practical guide

It will always be a challenge arriving in a new country to live and study. There are many practicalities to take care of. Fortunately, Norway is a transparent and well organised society, and the Norwegian institutions will do their best to ease the transition for you to become a student in Norway.

National identity number

If you are going to stay in Norway for more than six months you should register with the National Registry so that you can be awarded an 11 digit identity number (your date of birth plus a 5 digit personal number). If you are a EU/EEA national you have to meet with the local tax assessment office ("Likningskontor") to acquire your national identity number. Read more about National identity number at the UDI website by clicking here

Students from the Nordic countries, and students who are going to stay in Norway for less than six months, may apply for a D-number - a temporary number. This number may be used to open a bank account, rent a place to live and pay taxes. Read more about the D-number on the UDI website by clicking here. 

If you are from a country outside of the EU/EEA, you will receive a national number or a D number by post, automatically. Beware, you still have to register with the police to get the residence card. The number is required for opening a bank account, obtaining a student card among other things.

International student getting advice


Do not worry, the Norwegian institution will have established routines for how their international students may proceed to get this organised. We advise you to contact them as soon as you have been admitted (and  have confirmed the offer). 

Money and banking

In order to open a bank account in a Norwegian bank you will need a Norwegian identity number. You can choose between local or regional banks, or banks with branches all over Norway. Some banks are also pure online banks, with no physical branches. Norwegian banks have advanced solutions for online banking so you can administrate your accounts, pay bills and transfer money online. Foreign credit cards are widely accepted in Norway and cash machines are easily available. 

Student life 

And when all the practicalities are in place is you can start focusing on what next. As a student in Norway you will never be short of lifetime experiences. No matter what your preferences are, you should be able to find something of interest beyond books and classes. The freedom of nature is never far away, even in the major cities. And many cities have a vibrant cultural life with coffee bars and music clubs. Life in Norway will never be dull.

Enjoying urban life


All institutions have a student welfare organisation. Your local student welfare organisation can offer a variety of services, from on campus health services to sports activities. We highly recommend to make use of their services - after all, they are there for your own well being. You normally become a member upon payment of the compulsory semester fee, which is also required in order to register for exams. Depending on the size of the institution, they offer a wide variety of services. Among other things they organise nursery schools, counselling, mental health services, canteens, student accommodation and sports facilities/activities.

Students doing sports


Travel to and in Norway

Many students will come to Norway by plane. Both the major European national carriers and the new low cost carriers are serving destinations in many corners of Norway. The major hub for international flights to and from Norway is Oslo Airport Gardermoen. You can also reach Norway by car ferries from Denmark, Germany and England, and by train via Sweden. If you decide to travel to Norway by car you can come from Russia and Finland in the north, and through Sweden further south.

When in Norway, you should not miss the opportunity to experience other areas of our diverse country than where you study. Despite the geography and long distances, most places are accessible by public transport. Of course, if you prefer solitude and to find your own personal sanctuary, the wilderness is never far away. 

Amazing Northernt light


The Visit Norway website can provide you with detailed information about how to plan your travel arrangements to Norway. Check our the nearest Tourist Office for information about local sights, accommodation and travel to help you with your Study in Norway experience!