The information on this page is intended for staff at Norway's foreign missions. The information is owned by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU). 

SIU is responsible for promoting Norway as an attractive study destination for international students, and Norwegian universities and university colleges as attractive partners for international institutions. If you are working for one of SIU's partners promoting Norway, you might find the following information useful. 

Photos and infographics

SIU has a number of photos and infographics (illustrations) available for use for cooperation partners like embassies, delegations and other relevant organisations. To access SIU's "mediabase", please send a request to

Social media

SIU administers, the official webpage for international students about studying in Norway. The "Study in Norway"-concept is also present in social media. Cooperation partners of SIU are of course very welcome to share content from these channels.

Powerpoint presentations 

Study in Norway fact sheet 

Study in Norway films

The Norwegian nature.

The nature is an important motivation for many international students coming to Norway. In this film, Andrew from Canada talks about how everyone is allowed to enjoy nature, and how Norwegians protect their environment. (1.22 sec.)

Career possibilities

Many international students point to career possibilities as a reason for choosing Norway as their study destination. Paulo from Brazil talks about the good balance between work and free time, and how also young employees get a say in important decisions. (0.55 sec.)

The education system

Surveys amongst international students show that the Norwegian education system is well known for its quality. Dionne from the Netherlands talks about the flexibility of teachers and future employers. (1.02 sec.)

 A safe society

Norway is considered a safe society, something that is shown to be important for international students.  Wei Li from China talks about safety, modern technology and equality amongst men and women.  (1.11 sec.)

Report: Norway as a study destination

Programme administration

 SIU is commissioned by several national and international public organisations to administer international programmes at all levels of education. Many of the programmes are based on cooperation with employers and the business sector. 

Our programmes can support a number of different activities. Here are some examples: 

What happens when the permafrost melts? Anthrax, tsunami and devastation: Researchers look into consequences. 

Small-scale production: How the university NTNU wants to make the global player Kongsberg Maritime Subsea more efficient

Involving local businesses: Showing pupils what job opportunities that are available. 

Philosophical chef opening restaurant: 'Vocational subjects must not be a second-choice option'.

Entrepreurship and Innovation: 'Companies that succed with innovation, create values by making better use of their ideas'

Cheaper solar panels? How Norwegian and Spanish researchers want to renew the solar energy sector.

This webpage is under development – more resources will be available autumn 2017.