On this page you will find information concerning restrictions caused by the coronavirus. The situation is changing rapidly, and we follow it closely. 

Are you currently in Norway, either as an exchange student or a degree student at a Norwegian Higher Education institution? If so, your institution in Norway – and your home institution if you are on exchange – should be able to answer your questions.

From July 1st 2020 foreign citizens with student visa to Norway can come to the country, but they will have to do a quarantine period after arrival. Here is a link to a press release (in Norwegian only). Please contact your institution for further information. 

If you are not yet in Norway but have been accepted to a study programme and are planning for this, you should also keep in touch with the institution offering the study programme for further instructions, as well as checking out the page on travels to and from Norway that you will find further down on this page. 

Coronavirus - information sites

For general information concerning the restrictions in Norway due to the Corona Virus, you can check the following webpages:

  • Are you currently in Norway, and still have health related questions concerning the virus? You can call the Corona Information hotline, administered by 815 55 015.
Information sites - European level


Advice on VISA applications and travels to and from Norway

For the moment, visa applications to Norway cannot be delivered in a number of countries.

  • The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) has a dedicated page to the Corona situation. Here you will find information both for EU/EEA nationals and nationals from outside the EU/EEA. The page answers questions for both people who are currently in Norway, and nationals planning travels to Norway. Click here to go to the UDI-page. 
  • The Ministry for Foreign Affairs give travel advice to and from Norway. Click here for more information.
Are you an international student applying for renewal of your student visa? 

A  number of international students already in Norway are worried about their renewal of the study permit due to the coronavirus outbreak. The UDI have extended the deadline for documenting that you have sufficient funds, till October 1st. This only applies if you meet all other requirements for a renewed study permit.  UDI addresses the following on their previously mentioned corona information page. 


Student organisations in Norway 

We also advice you to contact your local branch of a student organisation if you have questions.