Why study in Norway? To answer this we have produced four short videos. Each focus on themes which motivate students to go to Norway. 

The Norwegian nature

The nature is an important motivation for many international students coming to Norway. In this film, Andrew from Canada talks about how everyone is allowed to enjoy nature, and how Norwegians protect their environment.

Career possibilities

Many international students point to career possibilities as a reason for choosing Norway as their study destination. Paulo from Brazil talks about the good balance between work and free time, and how also young employees get a say in important decisions.

The education system

Surveys amongst international students show that the Norwegian education system is well known for its quality. Dionne from the Netherlands talks about the flexibility of teachers and future employers.

A safe society

Norway is considered a safe society, something that is shown to be important for international students.  Wei Li from China talks about safety, modern technology and equality amongst men and women.

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